Ak vs m4

About this video we occasionally stay up very late talking on skype about video ideas usually the ideas we come up with are bad and never get filmed we. Despite the ages-old rifles in taliban hands, reports suggest our soldiers may be outgunned in afghanistan's hills to counter, the army plans a slew of. Page 1 of 2 - ak-47 or m4 - posted in gta iv: which one is more powerful what are the advantages of each. Which is the better rifle platform, eugene stoner's ar-15/m16 or mikhail kalishnikov's ak-47. Ak47 vs m4 buckshot university loading ak-47 vs ar-15 - 762 vs 556 vs concrete block - duration: 4:46 edwin sarkissian 169,906 views 4:46.

ak vs m4

Ak 47 or m4 - grand theft auto faqs brought to you by igrandtheftautocom. Am i the only one that can't find an ak mag op asked about the akm vs m4, and you hopped on saying wrong game - now that people are downvoting the crap out. The m16 has more range than an ak, but an m4 is shorter and not designed to be a rifle per se the larger round of the ak makes the recoil much worse. Ak-47 vs ar-15 comparison ar-15 rifles are lighter and have a higher rate of accuracy than the ak-47, but the ak-47 is considerably cheaper and more dependable in. A counter-strike: source (cs:s) map in the combat/skill category, submitted by lagolashu aim map with ak vs m4. Ak47 vs m4 discussion in ' hell most of my airsoft friends who were/are in the military have ak weapons instead of an m4/m16 variant.

Introduced into service with the soviet army in 1959, the akm is the most ubiquitous variant of the entire ak series of firearms and it has found widespread use with. If i had to make a choice ak or m4 i would most likely go with the m4 based on the above which gun should i buy: ar-15 or ak-47 and i already own a good ar. Battlefield 4 weapon comparison: m4 vs ak-12 - which is better - damage, accuracy, attachments, mag size, fire rate, etc - complete analysis to find the best weapons. Georgia: in use alongside the m4 carbine in service in georgia comparison of the ak-74 vs m16a2 notes.

The ak is too inaccurate for mei'd rather have the standard m4 (not the -s) normally i would agree but i cant cause your a city fan. Ak-12: is it all that by marco especially in relation to never ending ak vs ar but now the good ole reliable 74 would gain all the features that m4 has. This is the development process that has lead to the debate between the m4 vs the superior ak differences between the m4 vs the ar15 the comparison.

Ak-47 vs ar-15 the small arms showdown the ar-15 has become the best-selling rifle in the us, while the ak-47 is one of the most widely recognized assault rifles.

M-16 vs ak-47: iraqi viewpoints ak 47 legendary reliability under combat conditions vs the m29 thompson vs the m3 “grease gun”, or the m16/m4. Anker soundcore or omaker m4 red vs black | weight: 95 oz vs 56 oz | brand: anker vs omaker | model numbers: a3102011. Ak vs m4 祭りです!12月17日 日曜日8:30ゲートオープン 12月3日 追伸:なんと今回のイベントにぴったりな. Watch trilluxe his latest video on m4a4 vs m4a1-s - which one is better after the last update lots of good information here there is no best gun. Neither, really although i am biased toward the ak platform, it is by no means “better” than the m4 the ar-15 platform has been in service for a while and it. A counter-strike: global offensive (cs:go) map in the combat/skill category, submitted by 2rek.

The m4 rules the technical field, but the ak is reliable the m4 packs a punch, shoots faster, and is a lot more accurate it's a carbine of the m16, a. Ak47 vs m4 33k likes community see more of ak47 vs m4 on facebook log in. Battlefield 4 weapon comparison: ak 5c vs m4 - which is better - damage, accuracy, attachments, mag size, fire rate, etc - complete analysis to find the best weapons.

ak vs m4 ak vs m4 ak vs m4
Ak vs m4
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